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The Hacker's Nightmare has long been a very valuable resource for computer users of all skill levels, and especially for novices and casual day-to-day users, but it's important that you clearly understand its nature, so click here for important information.

Where do you turn when…

You absolutely cannot afford to be Hacked, Cracked, Robbed, Impersonated, Phished, Scammed, Spied On, Virus Infected or Otherwise Compromised?

"Thank you for offering the best help I have experienced in the 25 years I have used a computer."

- Patrick Chong, Castle Hill, NSW, Australia
  "I have learned more from your book than from any other computer book I've ever read."

- Harold Tritz, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA

All computer users, at home or in the office, are exposed to more security risks than they can possibly imagine. Criminals and unprincipled deadbeats constantly prey on unsuspecting victims.

For Your Own Protection You Need To Know How To...

  • keep your sensitive files away from prying eyes;
  • protect your PC from malicious attacks;
  • keep your online banking, shopping and e-mail safe.

And rejoice in the improved performance once all the crap is disposed of, and you've rid yourself of all those annoyances that plague you every day.

Thugs, crims & swindlers aren't just lurking in dark alleys any more!

Now they're online, and they've become a lot more sophisticated. They hire clever but unprincipled programmers to fashion their underhand schemes and "cyber-weapons" for them.

There is a small, inexpensive, readily available and quite legal device that can be secretly attached to any computer in under 10 seconds, without opening the case.

It will record every keystroke that is entered at that computer from then on?

- Could a visitor set such a trap on your home PC?
- How safe is that public terminal you sometimes use?
- How at-risk is the PC at your reception desk or front counter?

And that's just one way. There are many others which require no physical access to your computer at all!

Your address book, customer database, price-list, banking details, credit card numbers, passwords — everything is open to theft, abuse and prying eyes?

How confident are you that someone, somewhere doesn't already have access to your most sensitive documents? Anything the crims can steal from you they will sell to the highest bidder if they can't use it themselves.

Couldn't happen to you? Get Real!

These thugs don't go looking for specific individuals. You don't have to be famous, successful or some sort of "known target". They use automated software that constantly scans huge chunks of the Internet looking for ANY unprotected computer that happens to be on-line.

"There is now a 50% chance of being infected by an Internet worm within just 12 minutes of being online using an unprotected, unpatched Windows PC."

- Sophos Inc. - Threat Management Solutions

"Average time-to-exploitation ... for an unprotected computer is measured in minutes."

- United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT)

One indicator of the extent of the problem is the massive amount of spam pervading the Internet. While you may think spam is a different problem to security, they're closely related.

Most spam is distributed through hundreds of millions of PCs owned by unsuspecting people just like you. Their computers have been "enslaved" by a rogue program — completely unknown to the owner/operator of the computer. This method of spam distribution conceals the true spam originator from the eyes of any authorities.

The hundreds of millions of owners of those hundreds of millions of compromised PCs have no clue that they are accomplices in one of the great scourges of the modern era.

It's no exaggeration to talk in terms of millions, tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of computers. Nobody knows exactly how many Internet users there are worldwide, but certainly in excess of a billion (a thousand million) and probably closer to two billion.

But being an unwitting spammer is not the worst of it for the owner/user of an infected PC. You see, automated "bots" can steal from a PC just as easily as they can use it for spamming.

The modern cyber-crim doesn't break into a PC so he can wreak havoc with mindless destruction, such as deleting files, leaving disgusting messages, sending your browser to pornographic websites, inundating you with "adult" pop-ups, etc.

Sure, all of that happens too, and vindictive "script-kiddies" are as active as ever, but today's real cyber-crim is much smarter than that. His goal is to make money.

Data that is stolen without the owner's knowledge is much more valuable, because it can be monetized before you can take preventative measures, such as changing passwords or canceling credit cards.

Another indicator of malicious intrusion is degraded performance.

There can be a number of reasons why a computer appears to be running much slower than it used to, or is prone to lockups and crashes. Very high on the list of reasons is that it has been compromised in some way.

We've seen PC owners almost speechless at how
their computers have become "almost like new again" after
a thorough housekeeping and clean-out of malware.

Yes, the dangers are real and very, very prevalent. And if you are running an unprotected PC connected to the Internet, you probably already have at least some problems.

So what's the answer?

My name is Bill Hely and I assembled my first computer in a plywood case almost 30 years ago, long before there was any such thing as a "PC". In fact I still own it -- take a look here.

That was a long time ago, but it was the beginning of a fascination with information technology that I turned into a long and successful career.

After gaining a wide range of experience with various companies, I went freelance for almost 2 decades as an IT consultant specialising in the small business community. Today I limit my 1-on-1 consulting work to security and the Internet, and to a small, select group of long-term clients.

But I have distilled those decades of experience into a very special resource ... one that I want to share with every computer user who understands the need for protection and vigilance.

My main interest now is in creating, maintaining and supporting educational materials for the people who need help the most. They are the individuals and small business operators who don't have the luxury of on-tap computer support staff.

In recent years I have translated my knowledge and experience into several very special eBooks. Some would classify them as "technical" books, but in fact they are quite the opposite.

My goal is to make important technical topics understandable to the non-technical reader, so in that context I guess you could call them "non-technical books". I'm proud to say they have been praised by all types from beginners to experts and industry professionals. You'll find comments from some of them below.

My best known publication by far is The Hacker's Nightmare. It has been repeatedly enhanced and updated since mid 2003, and is now unchallenged as the #1 plain-language guide to computer and Internet security.

When I was researching and writing The Hacker's Nightmare I was determined that there would be many individual chapters that alone would be worth the cost of the whole book. Based on feedback from my readers I'm confident that I have achieved that aim. Read some of the testimonials for yourself. Real people just like you, solving very real problems and protecting themselves from the threats of the Internet.

With your purchase of The Hacker's Nightmare™ you'll learn, in simple jargon-free terms, how to...

  • Root out malware that has already taken up residence in your PC
  • Securely block the pathways hackers can use to gain access to your data
  • Protect against future attacks and infestations
  • Recognize the tricks of the spammers, scammers and eavesdroppers
  • Keep prying eyes away from your sensitive documents

And that's just a fraction of the knowledge you'll gain from this landmark work.

Invest in your privacy and security now!

What you discover here could save your personal life or your business from embarrassment, crippling losses, possibly prosecution, even loss of your identity or your business.

In recent years, as the Internet became an integral part of business operations, I have been called upon more and more often to rescue what could be saved from the wreckage of disastrous events — disastrous to precious data and equally precious time.

My involvement with many different businesses, in numerous locations and over a long period of time, has led me to an inescapable conclusion:

Small business management and staff — from The Boss on down — are woefully uneducated in even the basics of computer and Internet security.

And that goes double for the average home computer user!

Please don't take offense — I'm not laying blame on you personally. For years the media and self-proclaimed experts have been telling you how "hard" and how "complex" it all is.

And now, thanks to years of misinformation, we've got millions of people out there operating under all manner of potentially disastrous delusions... such as believing that installing an anti-virus program is "protection".

Take just 5 minutes...

... to read the rest of this page, while I explain some important facts of life about data security, the Internet, your home/office computers — maybe even the continued existence of your business or the integrity of your identity.

Once you become aware of the true facts, I look forward to helping you guard against the hackers, worms and other 'germs' that threaten your time, your computers, your profitability, your data — even your very livelihood.

Taking at least some preventative action in an unplanned, piecemeal fashion is better than taking no action at all. But you will soon discover such an approach is at best a case of two steps forward and one backwards. The attacks will never cease and, with an unplanned "plug 'n pray" approach, the holes will always be there.

Contrary to popular belief, PC and Internet security
is not all that difficult. It just needs to be done right.

The Hacker's Nightmare is much more than an instruction manual. It is also an education in developing a safety mindset ... and it is about giving YOU the power to take back control of your own welfare, security and peace-of-mind, without any significant expense.

It is about effectively addressing your delusions and correcting your ignorance of the real facts, without the need for technical expertise, consultants or expensive products and services.

Because Windows doesn't provide what you need to protect yourself, some inexpensive security software is necessary. But I give you all of the what, when, where, why and how to make the right decisions at minimum cost.

The Hacker's Nightmare™ distills everything of importance
that I have learned over many years about how to
PREVENT disasters, instead of just
how to clean up after the damage is done.

These strategies have been proven to work time and again and have become a valuable resource for thousands of computer users all over the world.

This is the stuff your expensive consultant won't teach you.

I'll show you, in simple, jargon-free terms, how to take all necessary preventative actions without resorting to outside experts or expensive suites of software.

In case you've been living in a cave, here's a brief summary of just some of the threats that are hammering computer users—both businesses and private—every hour of every day:

  • Viruses, worms and trojans waste hours of your time, as you try to protect against them and clean up after them. And how good a "cleanup" job are you really doing anyway?
  • Spyware gathers information about your browsing & online habits, or even personal information such as passwords and account numbers, and sends it off to "interested parties".
  • "Script kiddies" steal anything of value and trash the rest.
  • Identity thieves can empty your bank accounts, make purchases in your name, max out your credit cards, and capture sensitive information from your eMails and other correspondence. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes, both online and off.
  • Spam is a massive annoyance and time waster and often conceals more insidious threats.
  • Keyloggers can record every keystroke you type at a keyboard, and pass that mother-lode of information on to professional criminals.
  • "Dumpster divers" can rat through your rubbish bins for clues to passwords, account numbers, identity information, etc. You'd be amazed how an extensive profile can be built up, bit by bit, from seemingly innocuous scraps of rubbish found in almost everyone's trash.
  • If you're in business, hackers seek commercially sensitive information they can sell to your competitors or otherwise use against you.

And that's just a few of the more common threats. Attacks, both crude and sophisticated, some damaging, others just invasive, striking without warning and from many different directions, both online and off.

It is the average home computer user and the small business owner who suffers most from these malicious, never-ending attacks.

  • The authorities and "watchdog" agencies can't protect you against a menace that crosses national boundaries.
  • There are no effective cyber-police you can call on.
  • Your antivirus program is simply not enough any more (even if you do choose the right one, which most people don't know how to do).

Yes, Internet-land is a tough, complex, unforgiving, even malicious world, but there's no need to despair. You are NOT helpless! You can now discover, step-by-simple-step, how to keep the hackers, worms and other "germs" out of your PC and out of your life . . . once and for all!

Even if you aren't a "techie" you now have a way to arm yourself against threats to your computer and the personal information it contains. You can do it without learning a lot of technical detail and without spending a lot of money.

Heard enough? Click Here to get your copy of The Hacker's Nightmare?

In fact, some of the best defense tools can be had completely free of charge, and none of the commercial protective software you'll need is expensive. You just need to know what they are, where to get them, the strengths and limitations of each, and how to apply them.

In other words, you just need the right information and informed guidance. There is a big difference between, for example, an anti-spyware package and the right anti-spyware package. A VERY big difference!

You also need to know...

  • What the threats are (there are many more than you might think).
  • Why each threat or vulnerability is a danger to you and how each can be used against you
  • What specialist measures are suitable to block each one and which is the best to use.
  • Where to get the necessary protection.
  • How to apply that protection for best results.
  • How to keep your security up-to-date without investing a lot of time on it.

The Hacker's Nightmare™ will transform YOU
from an easy mark into a hard target.
It will turn YOU into a hacker's and cyber-crim's Worst Nightmare!

You'll get wise to the cyber-grub's favorite spoiler tricks, and how to protect yourself against them. Here is just a partial list of what is covered:

  • Almost 500 "easy reading" pages, broken up into logical sections and digestible chapters.
  • Clear and explicit explanations, recommendations and instructions, always presented in a logical, step-by-step sequence, using understandable language, that leave nothing to guesswork.
  • Hundreds of images, diagrams and screen shots to graphically illustrate important steps and concepts.
  • You'll learn the What, Where, Why & How you need to protect your home or office computers, without the need for any advanced technical expertise.
  • You'll get exclusive and perpetual access to the Private Members Pages of The Hacker's Nightmare™ website, where new features and updates are made available to members only.
  • How to substantially reduce, and even eliminate, the threat of intrusion, data theft or damage.

And much, much more. So why continue to run the risks...

Invest in your privacy & security now!

Knowledge is power, and it's always what you don't know that can hurt you the most. Unfortunately very few business owners and managers have any real "security awareness" of the extent of their exposure to danger.

You wouldn't leave the final decisions to a consultant or employee in any other critical area of your business; yet you think you have no choice when it comes to computer technology.

"But I'm a...
retiree / student / Mom / manager / office worker /salesperson.
Isn't this book for the technical people?"

Definitely not!

For example, many business managers (even those with IT staff or consultants on call) have used The Hacker's Nightmare as an executive overview. They absorb the discussion sections and skip the practical instructions. Thus they learn the questions they should be asking of their "computer person", and the instructions to give them, then leave it to the tech-types to implement the actual blocks, patches, fixes and preventative measures.

Or you can follow the book more closely and do everything yourself.

In other words, you can be in full control of your computing resources without being a "computer expert". But if you want or need to be hands-on yourself, everything you need is right there in The Hacker's Nightmare, and you'll be surprised at how little technical expertise you'll need to secure your systems.

Slash expenditure on expensive external consultants...

A computer user who is educated in the ways of the cyber-grubs makes fewer mistakes and is far less likely to be responsible for an accidental security breach.

The fewer mistakes made, the less often you have to call on the services of an expensive specialist to clean up. The cost of professional services is a big imposition on the small business. And unfortunately...

Not even all IT professionals are as
"security competent" as you might imagine

You won't be damaging your relationship with any existing IT service people either. From my many years as a consultant I can assure you that most genuine IT contractors would much rather be helping you improve your procedures and systems than just "mopping up" all the time.

Some of our business clients purchase a copy of The Hacker's Nightmare™ for every employee who uses a computer. Some even make "signing off" that they have read the book a condition of employment for all staff members who use computers.They are not expected to learn and implement, just to read and thus become more aware and more alert to threats.

That policy has practically eliminated security issues due to "user error"
and has saved those companies many thousands of dollars.

Substantially reduce or eliminate system crashes and slowdowns...

One of the major reasons for frequent crashes and slowing down of computers is the presence of software of an undesirable nature — i.e. malware. Most often it takes the form of spyware which has been loaded into your computer via eMail or web browsing.

The purpose of most spyware is to watch and record your online activities and report back to its "master". The information transmitted may just be used to improve their ability to market their products to you, or it may be used for much more damaging purposes.

The most dangerous type of spyware is designed to mine all manner of sensitive information from your PC and transmit it to cyber-crims who will have no scruples or regard for your privacy. They will use any information available to profit from you by theft, impersonation, blackmail and so on.

Far too many people take no action until their computer is infected, then waste time searching for information on how to recover from a particular threat, but it's TOO LATE — THE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE. The Hacker's Nightmare provides you with effective techniques to prevent all such intrusions in the first place.

Stop worrying about the safety of your data and concentrate on building your business, enjoying your hobby, playing your games ...or whatever reason you bought a computer for in the first place.

Invest in your privacy & security now!

If you have ever lost critical data files in the past, you may already be a little paranoid about backing up, taking copies, etc. That's fine. Many businesses that suffer a major data loss never recover, and it can be pretty traumatic for the home user as well.

But have you ever taken a moment to calculate how much time is spent just on backing up, restoring, copying, archiving, etc.?

Yes, it's an important activity — very important — but most people that do implement such safeguards also spend far more time than they really need to on these necessary but unproductive tasks.

There are better ways to safeguard against loss in the first place, and faster ways to recover when an accident does happen.

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn from The Hacker's Nightmare™:

  • What a Firewall is and why you must have not one, but two of them. Very specific advice on selecting a firewall/router and how to set it up. Effective firewall protection is critically important, inexpensive and a lot easier than you think.
  • A complete chapter on wireless security; this important information supplements the firewall/router material.
  • How improperly disposed of documents embarrassed a major government, even though the documents had been shredded. You'll be amazed at what technology can recover from shredded paper. You'll learn the importance of document shredding, its weaknesses and what you should know before buying a shredder.
  • The inexpensive, no-tapes, stored-off-site, data backup service that's such a no-brainer you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. No extra hardware needed. The only sane way to handle a home or small-business back-up regimen.
  • How, in just a few minutes, you can have the ability to use your home or work computer from remote locations anywhere in the world, in complete safety. There are many traps and dangers in remote PC operation, but you'll learn exactly what they are and how to compensate.
  • How multiple PCs can share one Internet account and gain a significant security advantage into the bargain.
  • Important configuration information that is unique to each individual PC and where to find it.
  • How to safely, securely and easily manage and recall any number of passwords — from a handful to hundreds — without having an amazing memory or keeping notes.
  • Why a virus hoax can be as damaging as a real virus.
  • How to find out who's trying to access your computer from the Internet.
  • The difference between a Worm, a Virus and a Trojan, and why an anti virus program alone just isn't good enough.
  • Three essential levels of protection against Trojans and Spyware.
  • How to use "event scheduling" to enhance your security, free up your time and supplement your fallible human memory.
  • How to remove apparently "unremovable" viruses in Windows XP.
  • Why patches, updates and upgrades are critical to your computer's security; where to get them and how to stay up-to-date with minimum effort.
  • Why "delete" and "format" don't completely erase sensitive data, and how to do the job properly.
  • What spoofing is and how to be alert for it.
  • Potentially dangerous standard Windows components you neither need nor want, and how to get rid of them.
  • Reliable sources of threat warnings that you must know about, and how to automate their delivery to you.
  • The concept of Good Cookies vs Bad Cookies, and how to manage both with ease.
  • Warning signs that you, your family or staff may be the targets of a "social engineering" scam.
  • Secure passwords and personal computer privacy go hand-in-hand. You'll not only discover simple ways to create super-secure passwords but also how to recall the right password at the right time, without having a super memory.
  • The dangers of the popular peer-to-peer file sharing services and how to protect yourself.
  • How to recognize and handle Phishing exploits.
  • The truth about the Outlook Preview Pane. Is it really a security risk?
  • The right way to install and remove software.
  • And much, much more.

How many more reasons could you want to start taking action immediately?

Take charge of your privacy & security now!

Frankly, if you're not already convinced that The Hacker's Nightmare is a must-have, must-read resource for EVERY computer user, you really need to re-examine your priorities.

Competent consultants charge from $100 per hour, up into the many hundreds per hour, and invariably there will be a minimum call-out fee. Hardware technicians may be a little cheaper, but a minimum charge will still apply.

It's a foregone conclusion that you will not get out of calling on a technician or consultant for even several times the cost of The Hacker's Nightmare — and you'll have to return to the expert every time you have a problem.

For owners of The Hacker's Nightmare the likelihood of ever needing the services of a professional to recover your PC from malware attack is reduced immeasurably.

I absolutely guarantee you that, if you follow its guidance, The Hacker's Nightmare will save you many, many hours of lost productivity, not to mention frustration, anger, data loss, identity theft and so on.

But that's not all...

Look, I won't deceive you. Depending on the nature of the problem it may eventually be necessary to call on a pro, because there are some things that just can't be rectified from afar.

But if something in The Hackers Nightmare does stump you, your first call need not be to a costly professional. Your first contact can be to a FREE consultant. Yep, that's yours truly ... me ... the guy who wrote the book! Run your problem past me first and let's see if we can't leave the costly professional right out of the equation. [NOTE: Free support by eMail is strictly limited to topics discussed in the book.]

So how much is that service alone worth to you? I can tell you that I normally charge considerably more than $100 per hour, with a one hour minimum!

Here's just a few of the bonuses you get full access to with your purchase of The Hackers Nightmare...

  • Bonus 1: "Seven Steps to a Clean PC". A fully illustrated, 49-page, step-by-step guide to cleaning up your PC and getting rid of any nasties that may already exist. $27 value.

  • Bonus 2: "Code Rings and Secret Handshakes". A beginner's guide to the practical use of encryption. Absolutely stop unauthorized eyes from viewing your private e-mail correspondence and protect any type of file. From zero to expert in under an hour, "Code Rings..." will have you using encryption like an old pro in no time. Forty-seven fully illustrated pages. $47 value.

  • Bonus 3: "Spam Warfare: Home and Small Business Edition". The most complete plain-language treatment of spam control and management available anywhere. Written specifically to empower home and small-business users against this annoying and dangerous scourge. $27 value.

  • Bonus 4: "How to Build a Virtual Computer". A virtual computer is a complete secure computing environment within another computer. Used extensively by computer professionals, a virtual PC allows you to safely run dangerous or suspect applications completely isolated from your normal Windows environment. This 39-page illustrated tutorial shows exactly how any computer user can install a secure virtual environment within their existing PC. $17 value.

  • Bonus 5: Lifetime access to The Hacker's Nightmare private website. Full access to current & future publications, corrections, updates & warnings, hints 'n tips, etc. Password protected -- members only. $67 value.

OK, It's Decision time!

The vermin of the Internet aren't going to disappear any time soon. Their conduct is becoming more dangerous and more disgraceful all the time. The Hacker's Nightmare™ can show you exactly how to guard against them, but YOU must take the first step, so ACT NOW.

Enlist The Hacker's Nightmare into your ranks and watch the threats beat uselessly against your defenses.

And to prove my sincerity, let me carry all the risk!

I want you to clearly understand that you risk absolutely nothing to discover that every single claim on this page is gospel-truth.

If this isn't the best $69 $27 you ever spent on your computer ... on your privacy and safety ... on your peace of mind ... then I don't want your money!

I'll give you TWO FULL MONTHS to use The Hacker's Nightmare™ risk-free.

If you're not completely happy with what you discover in that time, I don't want your money. I'd be too embarrassed to keep it.

Now it's up to you...

  • You know what you'll receive.
  • You know there's a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • You know that many people like you have already benefited.
  • You know there's no risk at all.

so give yourself the advantages that people worldwide, like those quoted at the bottom of this page, have experienced for themselves.

Today, tomorrow, any time at all, YOU could be the next victim of some lowlife hacker or crim, the vermin responsible for flooding the Internet with viruses, trojans, spyware, scams, entrapment websites, phishing eMails — the list of threats is depressingly long.


"This is a HUGE publication. If you can't find the answer to any problem you have - or might have - in this ebook, there IS no answer!"

- Dr JL Scott Ph.D. (Director)
- International Council of Online Professionals


"Bill, there is no way I can thank you enough for creating this wonderful book. I have done little else since I downloaded it other than print, read, experiment and learn. You are truly a genius and a very kind person."

- Barbara Dingman
- Manzanita OR USA

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Need still more to think about?

Professional Responsibility

Did you know that a business owner is legally liable for the safety of personal information held about others — employees, customers, patients, suppliers, subscribers, anyone at all.

We expect doctors, accountants, lawyers and the like to be bound by stringent privacy safeguards. But in most jurisdictions those same laws apply to the business owner as well.

Further, in many cases the business operator is also legally responsible for the actions of employees.

The harsh reality is that, in the event of unauthorized access to information stored on your computers, if it can be shown that you didn't take all reasonable steps to safeguard that information, you could find yourself facing civil litigation or criminal charges or both.

And be warned: the installation of an anti-virus program doesn't even come close to "all reasonable steps" by any definition.


Popular, everyday gadget items like an iPod/MP3 player or a digital camera can "walk" your precious data and records off your premises, right under your unsuspecting nose?

But there is an inexpensive, easily-implemented solution.


Every Microsoft Word document you produce contains hidden information called "metadata"; information that can contain a lot of identifying material?

British Prime Minister Tony Blair and US Senator Rod Grams were both severely embarrassed by metadata from Word files.

Are you and your staff sending out information you would rather not have made public?


Erase, delete, format, even fdisk, cannot be relied on to permanently remove data from your hard disk drives?

Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney's bank exposed hundreds of his financial files when they sold off an old computer which had not been properly cleansed.

But utterly obliterating all existing data is cheap and easy if you know how.


Media giant USA Today and tech marketing and design firm Avantgarde commissioned a series of vulnerability tests of Internet-connected computers. Here are some of the findings:

"Simply connecting to the Internet — and doing nothing else — exposes your PC to nonstop, automated break-in attempts by intruders looking to take control of your machine surreptitiously."

" unprotected PC can get hijacked within minutes of accessing the Internet. Once hijacked, it is likely to get grouped with other compromised PCs to dispense spam, conduct denial-of-service attacks or carry out identity-theft scams."

"Break-in attempts began immediately and continued at a constant and high level: an average of 341 per hour against the Windows XP machine with no firewall or recent security patches..."

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Here's what just a few of our readers from around the world have had to say about The Hacker’s Nightmare™

"... loved it, it's the first computer related thing I've read that makes sense to me as an IT illiterate"

- Lucy Fisher
- Executive Director
- Private Hospitals' Association
- Brisbane, Australia


"...if you care about your data, security and privacy check out our recommended eBook on the subject of vital protection — The Hacker's Nightmare — before it's too late."

- David Bradley - Science Writer
- Cambridge, England, UK


Tom Brownsword"I'm an Information Security Analyst and a computer scientist with a Fortune 500 company...and I still bought The Hacker's Nightmare.

"...I wish I could have written this book. The problem is that I don't have the patience to track down all of the details author Bill Hely provides, nor do I have the ability to explain things quite as well as he does. Bill breaks down the technology into terms that almost anyone can understand, without omitting anything you need."

- Tom Brownsword
- Security Analyst


"Bill I can't tell you how much time and money I've wasted trying to clean up and protect my computer. Most solutions people sell have been a complete waste.

"Your course, your assistance, YOU Bill, have been the complete opposite. You offer a solution that's simple to understand, enlightening to know, and unbelievably effective."

- Alan Saltz -  President
- New York City NY USA


"Bill, there is no way I can thank you enough for creating this wonderful book. I have done little else since I downloaded it other than print, read, experiment and learn. You are truly a genius and a very kind person.

" is far more than a book on how to protect a computer. It also gives all the basic information on different concepts from Computer 101 to Advanced."

- Barbara Dingman
- Manzanita OR USA


"What an astounding achievement your Hacker's Andrew Oscianko of Nightmare eBook is. I haven't seen anything remotely like it anywhere!

"I cannot stress enough how important I found your book to be. You cut through the techno-babble and made it plain as daylight. You even answered questions I'd never think of asking!

"The Hacker's Nightmare helped me to tighten up my own security by at least 200%. It also offered me valuable information about many privacy issues and provided me with literally dozens of incisive instructions & tips involving online safety."

- Andrew Oscianko - CEO
- Geelong, Australia


Eric Hart of"My heartfelt thanks to you for finally writing a book about Internet security in a language that us 'non-techies' can understand...

"The Hacker's Nightmare actually made me physically cringe as I realized just how easily [intruders] could access my system despite the fact I have installed expensive software to prevent just that."

- Eric Hart - Proprietor
- Christchurch, New Zealand


"Online attacks have become so bad, so prevalent, if the Internet was in the real world you'd want to be armed every time you went out. Surfing the web I was forever on edge. Then I heard about The Hacker's Nightmare. Have no doubts about it, this book is a weapon, crafted by a master armourer."

- Alaistair N Clegg
- Property Investor
- London, UK


Bob Parsons - The Go Daddy Group"...anybody interested at all in protecting their system, The Hacker's Nightmare is certainly a purchase they should consider making."

- Bob Parsons
- Founder & President
- Go Daddy Domains
- Scottsdale Arizona USA



"Somehow security ends up at the bottom of the list for busy people. UNTIL the horrible day when our neglect bites us in the butt, and we pay the price for our lackadaisical attitude.

"Bill has written a fabulous ebook publication entitled, "The Hacker's Nightmare.?Bill's goal was to make "The Hacker's Nightmare" understandable to, and usable by, computer users of all levels of competence. I believe he has accomplished that goal!

Dr JL Scott PhD"This is a HUGE publication. If you can't find the answer to any problem you have - or might have - in this ebook, there IS no answer!"

- Dr JL Scott Ph.D. (Director)
- International Council of Online Professionals





"Online attacks have become so bad, so prevalent, if the Internet was in the real world you'd want to be armed every time you went out. Surfing the web I was forever on edge. Then I heard about The Hacker's Nightmare. Have no doubts about it, this book is a weapon, crafted by a master armourer."

- Alaistair N Clegg
- Property Investor
- London, UK


"What an astounding achievement your Hacker's Nightmare eBook is. I haven't seen anything remotely like it anywhere!

"I cannot stress enough how important I found your book to be. You cut through the techno-babble and made it plain as daylight. You even answered questions I'd never think of asking!

- Andrew Oscianko - CEO
- Geelong, Australia

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